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We are a research group impelling the regenerative rehabilitation research in Japan.


Regenerative medicine is rapidly emerging, and therefore, the development of related rehabilitation methodology is strongly needed. Even though its importance is considered, neither accumulation of fundamental knowledge nor establishment of systematic theory to implement the appropriate rehabilitation for the regenerative medicine has been underway.

Our purpose is to cure people of their difficult diseases and return them to their society, as authenticating the evidences of the regenerative medicine related rehabilitation (Regenerative Rehabilitation) so that its safeness, efficacy, and economy could be improved.

Now we make an effort on fundamental researches to apply clinical setting, and take a role in the international development of the regenerative rehabilitation as a member of the Regenerative Rehabilitation Consortium Leadership Council.

As for the domestic, we build up and develop the fundamental conception for those who need regenerative medicine through liberal discussions in various forms of meetings in accordance with energetic researchers and practitioners. We keep the liberal atmosphere that everyone there can speak up no matter what position or field you are in. We keep moving to the situation forward. To do this, we take full advantage of new approaches such as SNS to link between people, beyond the traditional boundaries. Our concept shall expand by linking those who share our foresight.

【Our missions】

1. Clarifying effects of rehabilitation on tissue regeneration from molecular to individual level

2. Promoting establishment of safe and effective rehabilitation protocol for patients who take regenerative medicine by performing translational research to apply the fundamental evidences to clinical setting

3. Transmitting information of the regenerative rehabilitation to the public

4. Continuing top level regenerative rehabilitation researches and contributing the development of this research field


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