Regenerative Rhabilitation

A new paper on the ultrasound intensity for the peripheral nerve regeneration is published in PLOSONE! Open access journal!

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No physical therapy has been established to promote the regeneration of peripheral nerves.

Recently, promotion of tissue regeneration using low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation has been reported. In this study, we examined the appropriate ultrasound intensity for rat axon injury model. Interestingly, 30 mW/cm2 (SATA), which has already been clinically applied in the treatment of bone fractures, did not have a regeneration promoting effect, and 140 mW/cm2 showed the best regeneration.

These results indicate that appropriate ultrasound intensity is important for peripheral nerve regeneration therapy.

You can refer to the article from the following (Open access!)

Ito A, Wang T, Nakahara R, Kawai H, Nishitani K, Aoyama T, et al. (2020) Ultrasound therapy with optimal intensity facilitates peripheral nerve regeneration in rats through suppression of pro-inflammatory and nerve growth inhibitor gene expression. PLoS ONE 15(6): e0234691.